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Okay so I’ve been thinking of better ways to maybe do my comic because I hate like… not doing anything FOREVER and how inconsistent the updates are..

I draw quicker tradi so I thought HEY why don’t I do the comic traditionally instead of digitally? 

So I experimented I thought, pencil or inked with marker for the colors but only greys

So I did a little template full of my grey colors and picked the 4 best grays.

1st one is sketched with marker, I liked it but wasnt sure about how hard it is to see the pencil

2nd was drawn next to it and I sorta liked it but I dunno it was.. missing soemthing

3rd I thought HEY I’ll ink it and leave the pencil marks! and I love it. 4th one was just if I added color shading maybe it’ll only be used for every now and then panels red for rage or purple or pink or something for happy or lovy which I don’t think I’d ever use xP

Hopefully I can start doing more pages again~

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